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Cousin marriage , or " consanguinity " marriages among couples who are related as second cousins or closer , [1] is allowed and often encouraged throughout the Middle East , [2] and in Muslim countries such as Pakistan. In pre-modern times rates of cousin marriage were seldom recorded. The Persian king Ardashir I of the Sasanian Empire advised his lawyers, secretaries, officers, and husbandmen to "marry near relatives for the sympathy of kinship is kept alive thereby. The Kitab al-Aghani similarly features the story of Qays ibn Dharih, who was not allowed by his father to marry a beautiful maiden from another tribe because, in the words of the father felt that as rich and wealthy man he did not want his son to take the side of a stranger. There is the related consideration that a man who grows up with a cousin in the intimate setting of one extended family knows her and so may develop his own liking or love for her. There is also the benefit of knowing the qualities of the spouse: a Syrian proverb reads, "Ill luck which you know is better than good luck with which you get acquainted.

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Sexual taboo in the Middle East - Wikipedia

Imagine meeting a boy or girl you really like and wanting to get to know them better. Last week, as I was talking to a friend of mine who comes from Egypt, I found myself in the midst of an interesting conversation. He asked about the concept of casual dating and what purpose it serves. No, this was not an arranged marriage either. Well, not exactly. Arranged marriages were a commonly accepted practice all the way till the 18th century.

Sexual taboo in the Middle East

The term "Middle East" is generally recognized today to refer to a region that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Afghanistan in the east, a distance of approximately 5, kilometers. This usage of the term "Middle East" has increasingly come to supplant the more conventional usage, which divided the area into two regions, the Middle East and North Africa. Today, however, the terms "Middle Eastern" and "Middle East" have been adopted by the people of the entire region to refer to themselves and to their part of the world, in much the same way as such terms as "Europe," "Central Asia," and "Southeast Asia" are used to broadly identify highly complex and culturally diversified regions of the world. The Middle East, as defined above, encompasses four distinct culture areas: Arab, Turkish, Iranian, and the newly evolved Israeli culture.
The Middle East is a vast region that incorporates many diverse groups of people who are very different, yet more similar than they are different. The primary religions of the region are Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Understanding how these religions play a role in the day-to-day lives of Middle Eastern people is helpful. Some inhabitants may be extremely religious while others are more secular, and many countries have laws that reflect the laws of the religion.

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